Express propaganda: don’t believe the type

I know I shouldn’t let things printed in the Daily Express rile me, but yesterday’s article by Leo McKinstry ‘Britain’s economy has boomed under the Conservatives’ seriously takes the biscuit. It is so full of holes, assumptions and non-reporting that it only really adds up to a transparent Tory propaganda puff-piece. No surprise there then. […]

HSBC in the headlines


The lovely HSBC are in the news again today as Swiss police raid their Geneva headquarters in relation to the latest scandal to hit the banking behemoth. But they’ve apologised and said they’ll change, so that’s ok then. But if reporting over the last few years is anything to go by, some might take that […]

Inequality hurts economic growth, finds OECD research

The Price Of Inequality

The Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD) has today published a new report that shows rising inequality damages economic growth. In the UK, growing inequality has knocked 9 percentage points off GDP growth between 1990 and 2010, the research suggests. One of the main reasons is that poorer members of society are less able […]

Brand values

Russell Brand

Polly Toynbee’s criticisms of Russell Brand in today’s Guardian feel like pretty lightweight shots at a fairly easy target. The article also fails to conduct much of an analysis of the current political and socio-economic situation in the UK, and portrays Brand as a kind of ineffectual Lord of Misrule, devoid of substance or sophistication. […]

In the Swim

Hampstead mixed pond

As it happens I am on Hampstead Heath, just to the north west of the mixed swimming pond, and it is July, and it is hot. After much procrastination I somehow found it within me to come here and throw my body in the murky water, and now I sun myself dry on the grass, […]

Failure on the Fairfield Horseshoe


The narrow road called Nook Lane that leads from Ambleside to the Lower Sweden Bridge and the start of the walk known as the Fairfield Horseshoe is an incongruently unprepossessing one given what follows. It was from here that I set out on a mercurial day in late May 2014 to tackle this well-known route, […]